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Thursday, 24 July 2014


I'm getting a weird feeling of nervousness coming over me as I write this first blog post for this new blog. Its been a while since I last blogged, and I cringe at the bad grammar, bad style and bad hair that I showcased.

My name is Nick Jenkin, I am a 22 year old recent business graduate, and I work full time in retail. I'm starting grown up jeans as a way for me to document the transformation from uninspiring graduate to a fully fledged adult. Showcasing it in this forum is a way for me to invite you to laugh with me, commiserate with me when I epically fail and celebrate with me when something goes my way. I'm hoping to fill this blog with fashion, food, decor and general posts about my life that I think/hope people will find interesting. So please follow me, tweet me, e-mail me, and enjoy what I have to write.

Now here is a collection of my instagram photos so that you feel like you really know me.

insta - @nickjamesj

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